About Us

Start Proud aims to connect LGBTQ+ students with employers, while promoting the development of LGBTQ+ professionals, and celebrating the achievements and service of those in the community.


Start Proud facilitates the professional development of LGBTQ+ students as they transition from school to career in order to build a national network within the  community.


To empower members of the LGBTQA+ community to be Canada’s leaders of tomorrow; where all institutions embrace inclusiveness within the workplace and diversity within the workforce.

Meet the Team


Kary Cozens

Vice President, Human Resources

Arron Lin

Vice President, Sponsorship

Eddi Ji

Corporate Treasurer

Victor Zhao

Corporate Secretary

Adam James

Vice President, Marketing

Ksenia Ioussoufovitch

Vice President, Web & Data

Steve Puglia

Vice President, Leaders to be Proud Of

John Pehar

Director, Mentorship

Gary Grant

Vice President, Toronto Events

Mitch Gibson

Vice President, Ottawa Chapter

Justin Clory

Director, Venture Out

Chris Carnillo

Vice President, Healthcare

Adrian Leung