CEO: ValidateIT™ Technologies
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer: Fresh Intelligence®
Author: Wake Up or Die
Board member: Google Consumer Surveys and Humber College Research Program

LinkedIn: Owning It: Why I Came Out, Loud and Proud

Serial entrepreneur, thought leader & passionate sh*t disturber; at least, that’s how my colleagues describe me.  I’ve worked the gamut of clients (Disney, Nestle, Google & ebay to name just a few) and although my skill set is vast, I’m best known for my unparalleled consumer understanding and insight development. I’ve notched two successful start-ups (so far): Fresh Intelligence® is a Custom Global Market Research Agency and ValidateIt ™ is a Technology Insight Platform. Both are built on my mission of making insights and intelligence accessible to the world.

My wish is to empower others through education and leadership, and if my recent awards (PROFIT Fastest Growing Company, PROFIT Top 100 Woman Entrepreneur, RBC, Central Division Winner, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee, Toronto Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur finalist, etc.) help to get me out in front of audiences that I can inspire and clients whose businesses I can transform, I’m happy.

I have been called the modern-day Sun Tzu, probably because my dogmatic approach to winning all business battles is based on his teachings in The Art of War. My motto is “Intelligence first”, and my mantra is “Never give up!”

Living in Toronto has afforded me this privileged life of freedom and the opportunity to be an unabashed Industrialist. My favourite book is Titan and, yes, John D. Rockefeller is my personal hero.  I’m not all business, though; I’m building a school in Nepal for the beautiful Tibetan refugees and Nepalese that have a right to a first-world education, and I’m studying Tibetan Buddhism.

I have a strong personal following on my fresh blog and four fabulous kids, plus an adorable Golden Retriever. I also love wine.  If that’s not enough about me, you can learn more at